Improving Your Cat Litter Box Is Now Easy

Litter Box

Everyone loves owning a cat. They are clean and charming animals and needs very little maintenance. The cat loves to cuddle and is very playful. But the only problem with owning a cat is handling their litter box. The box needs to be emptied and refilled with litter. The owner’s work doesn’t finish there. They have to think of ways to get rid of the odor, clean the floors and the most important thing is they have to make sure the cat uses the litter box. This article enables you to read more on how you can train your cat in using the litter box. Sites like have warned about the health risks posed by unclean animals.

You can keep the litter box fresh and odorless by following the below given steps.

· Maintain the Litter Box In A Quiet Place
A quiet place doesn’t mean you should put it in an isolated place. It should be kept where the cat can access the box easily, and it should be kept away from its food tray as they don’t like to poop near their food.

· Use Unscented Litters
There are various types of cat litter in the market. You can choose from clay, silica gel, etc. More than you, it’s the cats who choose their litter. But for most cats, it takes time for them to get used to the litter. Some cats don’t like scented litter as the smell makes it sick.

· Sprinkle Some Baking Soda
This will keep the box smelling fresh. Just sprinkle some baking soda underneath the litter at the bottom of the litter box. See to it you don’t over sprinkle it with baking soda or your cat may stop using the box.

· Clean The Box
Remove the waste material from the box twice daily. Make sure you wash the litter box once in a week and refill it with new litter. This will keep the litter box smelling nice.
Follow these tips to keep the cat litter box fresh and clean.