Safety Measures To Handle Fireworks



Fireworks are great fun to watch. However, bursting them or using them especially with children around can be tricky. They are more prone to getting themselves injured than the adults. By following simple safety measures, you can protect yourself as well as your family members from getting hurt due to fireworks. It is estimated that more than elders, children between the age of 12 to 15 years get injured more. These days’ firework sales are so much more sophisticated that you can buy black cat online. There are also many public displays of fireworks that happen such as If you are not sure about lighting the crackers alone, you can visit one of these public displays with your family and enjoy.

If you have children who are under five-year-old, it is advisable that you use hand gloves. Even if they are using sparklers, use hand gloves so that it is protective. Sparklers can heat up to 2000 degrees which can melt even metals such as gold. Always keep a bucket of water in case of any emergencies. Once the crackers have finished lighting up, drop them in water to ensure that they are extinguished properly. Do not get babies to hold fireworks as they do not understand the dangers associated with them. Allow children to light crackers only in the presence of an adult.

Do not keep any other flammable materials near the place where you store fireworks. Keep your fireworks away from areas such as kitchen or garage. Do not keep them near vehicles as even tiny sparks from the fireworks can result in large fire accidents. Similarly, do not try to make your own fireworks as we are not experts at them. The chemicals used can be dangerous, and it can have fatal consequences too. Also, touching the fireworks that did not burst is not safe as sometimes they might react late ending up injuring the holder. Use water to extinguish them before touching them.

When you are buying fireworks, make sure that you are buying from an authorized seller. Do not buy fireworks that does not have a brand name. Light up the fireworks only as per the instructions mentioned in the package. Do not try attempt anything dangerous with them. Make sure that you are away from the fireworks as soon as possible after lighting them. Wear eye protection so that the sparks do not hit your eyes.

In case any accidents happen, and your child is injured, rush them immediately to the nearest hospital. If it is an eye injury, stop your child from touching it or rubbing it. This will only aggravate the injury. Do not use the traditional method of flushing the eye or apply any ointment or eye drops. You can place a paper cup after cutting out the bottom around the eye to keep it protected. When eye infection or injury happens, everything depends on how you take care of it in those crucial moments. Therefore, be very careful not to worsen it further. If it is a burn, avoid touching it and do not apply anything to the burnt area especially ice.