Four Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Dog Crate


Picking the right crate for your dog is a challenging and frustrating job. There is huge variety of dog crates available on the market. Every crate manufacturers claim their crate as a heavy-duty, strong and unbreakable crate so you must be cautious during the selection process. You must ensure to pick a dog crate that is safe and unable to escape by your dog. In Google, check as escape proof dog crate reviews and select a right crate for your dog.

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The natural instinct of dog tells it to have a separate den space and you can satisfy your dog needs by offering a crate. You can consider purchasing an extra-strong crate for dogs that destroy the furniture and surrounding material.

Crate is mandatory when you travel with your dog in airplane. It acts as a travel box for your dogs and you must verify the airline regulations about the dog crates for security purposes. Also dog crate is required to take your dog to some hotels. There is few hotels that permit dogs so your must keep the dog in crate and visit the hotel with your dog.

Before shopping a dog crate, you must first identify the size of the crate suitable for your dog. The common rule is you want to buy a crate that is slightly larger than the size of your dog so that your dog feels comfortable to get in and out of the crate.

The next factor you want to consider is the portability. You must determine whether you take your dog outside with the dog crate or crate remain as other type of furniture you have at home. If your travel with your dog often, then you must consider buying a dog crate that is collapsible and heavy-duty. It is the ideal option for travel purposes. The best crate material for travel is aluminum or wood since both provides portability and strength.

If the crate remains always only at home, then you can prefer crates made up of steel material. Steel crates provide higher strength and worth for your money. Build quality is another important factor since the crates made up of low quality will make your dog escape from the crate easily and also possibility of injuring your dog. You want to examine the weld quality of the crate since poorly welded material will easily break.

You can consider buying wooden dog crates for dogs that don’t chew and tend to escape from the crate. If there are several doors in the crate, then your dog has more options to escape.

Weight of the crate is also necessary element to consider when you travel with your dog placed in the dog crate. Choosing a light weight crate is the right option for portable crates.

So you must ensure to consider the above factors when shopping a dog crate. Following the above factors make your selection process fun and stress-free.